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​​Hey, how's it going, Friend!

I am so stoked that you are with me on this journey!! 🥰

This is me and my two kiddos... 💜💜

My two kids and I have lots of food sensitivities

As a family, we really love our sweet treats. 

My kids are also very sensitive to refined sugar, which can cause behavioural changes and issues with sleep. I have seen this to be an issue for many other neurodiverse families like ours.

I really feel for the kids, especially during holidays and special occasions. 😔
Not only do I need to say no to the dairy and gluten treats but the sugar in those products make me feel very uncomfortable

It's more than worrying about them getting rotten teeth...
I am concerned for their metabolic health, their immune systems, and their cognitive health.

I personally get bad sleep after eating sugary treats. I get severe brain fog and it hits my immune system. 

We've tried a LOT of 'Free From' allergy-friendly candy and chocolate to avoid dairy and gluten, but it's usually full of refined sugar, corn or soy. Also, some of the sugar-free sweeteners give us tummy issues. 

I know that there must be other candy-loving families like ours out there, who have issues with dairy and gluten but are not okay with all of the refined sugar in the sweet treats.

So I decided to go on a journey to create products that feel good to offer to our children. For families who share similar issues as us. 🤗 🍫

I want the sweet treats that my kids eat to support their wellbeing rather than negatively affect them and I think we can create amazing and delicious products to do just that. 

My dream is to celebrate the kids who have been missing out on 'truly' delicious dairy and gluten-free candy with no refined sugar.

My vision is to celebrate neurodivergent families who in some way or another, have been having a hard time navigating this 'mainstream' world. 

Why not get in touch and tell me a bit about you and your family and what you are looking for? You can help me when I create new products!

❤️ Talk to you soon!! ❤️

With Love...

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