What's in the Christmas Box?


🎄 Four 100g (or heavier) unique, limited edition Christmas-themed delish bars! No added dairy or gluten of course :)

🎄 Surprise treats (because who doesn't like surprises?).

🎄 Cool stickers (because who doesn't like cool stickers?).

Our Story

I'm so excited that you are with us on this journey!! 🥰 Will you take a minute to watch our story which went viral on TikTok? It might resonate with you. 👇🏼

Our Story

Do you regularly say 'no' to your kiddos because they can't have dairy or gluten sweet treats? 🙁

Listen, I feel your pain! It's hard to get FUN chocolate that is both gluten-free AND dairy-free. And when you do find chocolate that you can eat, it's not that great. 😐

Don't worry, I'VE GOT YOU! 🙌🏼

Is your family missing out on the FUN because you can't have dairy and gluten?

My kiddos and I grew tired of eating supermarket 'Free From' sweet treats because we couldn't have dairy or gluten...

We shared our ideas on social media!

We played around with different ideas and recipes until we came up with awesome chocolate that doesn't taste like something is missing. 🍫



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