Hey, how's it going, Friend?!

I'm so excited that you are with us on this journey!! 🥰 Will you take a minute to watch our story which went viral on TikTok? It might resonate with you. 👇🏼

Are you like us?

As a family, we really love our sweet treats but we can't have dairy or gluten.

When we walk down supermarket confectionary isles or look at trending sweet treats online, we often feel left out.

I really feel for the kids, especially during holidays and special occasions. 😔

We usually buy 'Free From' allergy-friendly chocolate to avoid dairy and gluten, but we've been eating the same products year after year.

Some vegan chocolates have gluten in them and some gluten free treats have dairy in them.

This leaves us feeling like we're not included in the 'fun' stuff. It's hard to describe, but the candy industry feels like a cool party and we're not invited. 😥

So I decided to go on a journey to create chocolate for families who share similar issues to us. 🤗 🍫

My dream is to celebrate the kids who have been missing out on 'truly' delicious, fun vegan and gluten-free sweet treats.

Why not get in touch and tell me a bit about you and your family and what you are looking for? You can help me when I create new products!

Talk to you soon!!

With Love...

Adama (& kiddos) ❤️



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