🤯 {We went VIRAL on TikTok!! Holy cocoa beans!! 🤯}

Updated Shipping Times!! Please read!

Between now and for the next 4 weeks, all orders for chocolate will take 3-4 weeks to ship. The reason for this is because we went viral on TikTok! *faints on the floor*

Well, some won't call almost 470K views 'viral' but for us it changed our worlds! 🥹🥰

We now have so many beautiful new members of our community! 😍

We are dying to serve you all with our hearts, souls and delicious vegan FUN chocolate! No gluten of course! 😊🍫🙌🏼

Please bear with us whilst we get ourselves together, order the extra ingredients, packaging, extra chocolate moulds, etc.

We're blown away with your support! THANK YOU SO MUCH for hanging in there with us while we get to your orders. 🥰❤️🍫

👇 But wait!! 👇

We are creating the
Candy Hackers Membership
for you! 🎁

You have some WICKED, crazy-fun ideas for new flavours and we want to make them you! 🙌🏼😋

Here's why you should join us!

😋 Get the new flavour of the month before everyone else, plus other surprise goodies and treats!

😎 Never have to face stock issues! When restock, we'll sell out fast. Avoid disappointment and get your bars guaranteed!

🚚 Your box of delicious, handmade chocolate bars will be delivered to your doorstep each month!

🍫 Members will get to add chocolate bars from the shop to their boxes!

😊 Cool stickers - because who doesn't like cool stickers?

❤️ Oh! And meet other Candy Hackers in our community! We'll be hosting it somewhere (Discord, Facebook, wherever you suggest).

We're currently working with our Founding Members to help create the first edition of the Membership Box.

Join the waitlist now and we'll email you FIRST as soon as we open up the next round.